Easy SharePoint Automationfor developers and engineers.

Automation that will help you provision SharePoint artifacts and deliver SharePoint infrastructure with confidence, sanity and happiness.

DevOps-ifying SharePoint workloads

Our tooling helps you to codify SharePoint workloads while delivering custom development and infrastructure with confidence.

For SharePoint Developers

Leverage SPMeta2 and .NET to provisions more than 120 SharePoint artifacts in highly testable, repeatable and upgradable manner.

Spend less time deploying, managing and versioning SharePoint customizations with MetaPack and well known NuGet platform.

For SharePoint Engineers

Use pre-baked Vagrant boxes to spend less time building SharePoint servers for development, integration and lab environments.

Leverage ready-to-use Jenkins CI/CD server to bake your own Packer images and Vagrant boxes explicitly designed for SharePoint workloads.

Leverage your .NET and PowerShell skillset

All automation is built with .NET and PowerShell in mind while leveraging the best tools and platforms available on the market.


Powerful .NET library for provisioning SharePoint artifacts. Offers unified provisioning layer for Office 365, SharePoint 2019, 2016, and 2013.

Provisions more than 120 SharePoint artifacts in a highly testable, repeatable and upgradable manner using C# APIs, CSOM or SSOM.

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NuGet based package manager for versioning, deploying and updating SPMeta2 models with help of C# API, command-line interface, and UI.

Bring versioning, modularization and dependency management into your SharePoint solutions.

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Uplift Project

Consistent Packer/Vagrant workflows and Vagrant boxes specifically designed for SharePoint professionals.

Spend less time creating virtual machines with domain controllers, SQL servers, SharePoint farms and Visual Studio.

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Helping SharePoint professionals all over the world

Developers and operations teams use our tooling to improve their delivery cycles.






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Author and provision SharePoint artifacts with joy

Coding is hard! We created a user-friendly tool for authoring and provisioning SharePoint artifacts with no coding required. Quickly setup information architecture in minutes while enabling repeatable deployment of fields, content types, navigation, web sites, taxonomy and many others.

Visual representation of artefactsPleasant authoring experienceContextual, meaningful dataDeployment, Reporting & Extensibility options

Empowering IT professionals with a great experience

Coding can be really hard! Why to code if there is a nice no-code, user-friendly solution?

Simple, user-friendly interface

Straightforward UI that puts the end-users first. Author, manage and deploy SharePoint artefacts with no coding required.

Pleasant authoring experience

Rich form for every single SharePoint artefact. Author web sites, lists, list views, fields and content types, taxonomy and many others.

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Online and On-Premises

Define your artefacts once, smoothly deploy to SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises whether it is 2019, 2016 or 2013.

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