reSharePoint (reSP)

A ReSharper plugin that understands SharePoint API.
Helps to identity and solve common SharePoint API pitfalls while writing code for SharePoint CSOM/SSOM object models.

reSP plugin for ReSharper helps to identify and fix common pitfalls before moving to UAT/PROD environments

Worry less while using SharePoint APIs

Broad and unified provision API

reSP finds and brings your attention to common SharePoint API pitfalls - potential null reference exceptions, incorrect type casts, inappropriate API usage, potential performance bottlenecks and even some design patterns.

It prevents errors BEFORE going UAT/PROD. Potential issues get highlighted in a native "ReSharper-way" providing a deeper insights on how the solution and the code can be improved.

Validates SharePoint XML, prevents "hard-to-find" errors

reSP spots typos, duplicates and some truly weird pre-historical SharePoint bugs which exist in the XML definitions. It ensures that attributes are used in a right way, XML is always well-formed, no duplicated are found and element files are deployed under right features.

That reduces the amount of the deployments done before getting things right as well as cuts time spent on extremely time-consuming troubleshooting and issue resolution causes by malformed SharePoint feature XML.

Suggests options on general architecture and patterns

Not only SharePoint API and XML usage gets checked, but some recommended patterns and practises are encouraged to be enforced as well.

Better logging usage, null reference exceptions, unsafe type castings, empty try-catch blocks, appropriate SPMonitoredScope usage and many other things are highlighted by reSP.

Helps to make the right desision fast, explains the details

While crafting a new solutions, supporting an old one or getting a hand-over with a legacy solution, reSP always spots the most problematic areas to be addressed in the first place.

Identify and address the most problematic areas, prioritize and decide on the rest depending on the severity. Have a look on the 'Why is reSP suggesting this?' feature to learn more.

Provides an overview of the whole project quality

ReSharper can analyze the whole solution providing a comprehensive report over all inspections. reSP inspections are included in this report proving solution-wide insight just in a few simple clicks.

Take a break, run reSP inspections and get deeper insights on how solution can be improved. Not only you will be the super-hero, but also the business will benefit with the earliest issue detection and resolution. Lead the team, be the one!

reSP helps people to deal with SharePoint APIs

There is nothing better than stories from the end-users.

Serjic Shkredov
R# Team Lead, JetBrains

Hmm, this product built on ReSharper platform is not just a prefix of reSPeller plugin.

René Hézser
SharePoint & Office 365 Consultant, Arvato Systems

I won't discuss the advantages of ReSharper (R#) in this post. But I'd like to point to a great plugin reSP. It inspects SharePoint specific details.

reSP is free, easy to install and update

Hassle-free install and updates: reSP is a few clicks away

No exe/msi/script/bat/copy-paste involvement for installation.

Use "ReSharper -> Extension Manager" menu to install reSP plugin from the official JetBrains repositoty. Search by "SharePoint" or "reSP" to get started.

Stay tuned. You will be notified by ReSharper every time a new reSP version is available. Make a few more clicks and enjoy new features and fixes. Smooth, easy and enjoyable.

Resources and documentation

Documentation and resource on reSP plugin for ReSharper