About SubPoint Solutions

We are a Sydney based software development company that builds automation for SharePoint professionals. Our automation will help you provision SharePoint artifacts and deliver SharePoint infrastructure with confidence, sanity and happiness.

DevOps-ifying SharePoint workloads

Whether it is custom development or infrastructure configuration, there is no easy task in the SharePoint world. This is why we are helping SharePoint professionals by simplifying daily routines.

Artefact provisioning
Starting as a small group of SharePoint consultants trying to streamline their projects, we quickly released SPMeta2 library for .NET. From now on, SharePoint artefact provision became smooth, robust and highly predictable so that developers can spend more time delivering business value.

Application packaging
With the rise of the DevOps culture and high velocity to deliver projects, we tried to solve customisation packaging, versioning and delivery problem.

The MetaPack project was born. It is a NuGet based package manager for SharePoint customisations. Packaging, versioning, and distribution becomes much easy.

Infrastructure automation
What's trending now? Empowering the best of the DevOps culture, we lay down and open-sourced the foundation to deliver SharePoint workloads with the modern infrastructure-as-code approach.

We built Uplift project adopting Packer, Vagrant, PowerShell and DSC to streamline image and virtual machine builds under Jenkins CI/CD server.

Helping end users too!
While working with SharePoint professionals, we quickly realised that there is no end-user friendly tool for authoring SharePoint artifacts.

We started building MetaStudio to deliver a user-centric tool for authoring and provisioning SharePoint artifacts with no hustle.

Giving back to the community
We believe that these open-source building blocks provide automation that will help you deliver SharePoint infrastructure and provision SharePoint artifacts.

We do value open-source: some of the projects are on the GitHub and developed publically with the help and input of the community.

SPMeta2: SharePoint artifact provision for .NET platform

Powerful .NET library for provisioning SharePoint artifacts.
Offers unified provisioning layer for Office 365, SharePoint 2019, 2016, and 2013.

MetaPack: package management for SharePoint customization

A NuGet based package manager for SharePoint customizations.
Brings versioning, modularization and dependency management into SharePoint solutions.

Uplift: infrastructure-as-code for SharePoint professionals

Codified Packer/Vagrant workflows for SharePoint professionals.
Spend less time creating virtual machines with domain controllers, SQL servers, SharePoint farms and Visual Studio.

MetaStudio: user-friendly tool for authoring SharePoint artifacts

A user-friendly tool for authoring and deploying SharePoint artifacts.
Helps to setup information architecture in minutes while providing repeatable deployment of fields, content types, web sites, taxonomy and many others.

Helping SharePoint professionals all over the world

Developers and operations teams use our tooling to improve their delivery cycles.






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