Professional support and services

Most of our core APIs are open source and developed openly at github. Our foundation is used by hundreds companies all over the world and we proud to provide not only production ready quality but various support options to address your business needs. Currently, we offer community and professional support for several APIs but let us know if you need a custom quote. We'll see what can be done.

Communmity support

Should you learn, evaluate or consider pilot projects, the community Yammer based support and available documentation might be the best way to get started. The source code is also might be considered as a reference.

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Professional support

Commercial and production-ready projects require more attention due to the strict deadlines, quality and other expectations. We help you to succedd offering various professional support options with the first-class support, SLA and fast issue resolution.

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- SPMeta2 Reverse >
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Explore professional support by the product

We support companies all the way from initial pilot to a successful production


Enterprise-ready framework for provisioning SharePoint artifacts. Works seamlessly with O365, SharePoint 2016, 2013 and 2010.

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SPMeta2 Reverse (beta)

A library to reverse engineer existing SharePoint sites into highly portable, reusable SPMeta2 models.

* professional support comes Q4 2016

MetaPack (beta)

A NuGet based package manager for packaging, versioning, deploying and updating SPMeta2 models via C# API, a CLI and GUI.

* professional support comes Q4 2016

satisfied people

A few opinions on our work

All my On-Premise and 365-Projects running very well. Where have you been before? :) You are doing a fantastic Job which makes my business-live pretty easy. All the Best, Ronny Lewandowski

Ronny LewandowskiSharePoint Senior Consultant & Developer

We use SPMeta2 in our projects to provision SharePoint artifacts. The functionality of the framework is impressing, and we are going to use it in future. The company provides quick and responsive support. They have growing community and continually tracking feedback. It is important for such kind of product.

Anton Khritonenkov Co-Founder
Plumsail, Russia

The development team here is very happy with SPMeta2 and we use it in all of our new projects. If you want to deploy new intranets, document management systems, or just any application to SharePoint on-premises or Office 365, I believe SPMeta2 is your best choice!

Roland OldengarmIT Consultant
Provoke Solutions, New Zealand
updated: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 11:04:51 GMT