Technology Partners

Our technology partners are enthusiastic technology advocates, SharePoint consultancy and software development companies whom we listen more closely aligning our APIs and products roadmaps. We significantly rely on partners feedback to improve our foundation in the most relevant way so that partners can deliver exceptional products.

Partnership is free and gets you the following benefits

Enhanced Support

All partners suggestions, feedback and support tickets get a higher priority. We dedicate people who built APIs or application to review and handle partner requests.

Such approach benefits both partners and us providing not only faster response time but also aligning our APIs and services as per the real world, production-ready application needs.

Priority feature requests

Not only suggestions but all partner feature requests get much more attention. Such requests have higher priority and impact our sprints, features planning, new releases and, sometimes, even the whole product roadmap.

Partners are the key to shaping up the future roadmap and deliver the most needed features first.

Discounts on all services and products

Partners get a progressive discount on all current and future offerings including both services and product licenses.

We recognize and appreciate the value of partners input. Depending on a situation a valuable discount can be provided.

Leads and promotions

We do our best to promote partners, their products and expertise across the board. Our ecosystem is widely used in more than 25 countries all over the world making it possible to reach a broader audience.

Not only your company profile gets more visibility, but we also help to match best-suited opportunities to each client's request.

Parthership is free. Become a partner today.

updated: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 11:04:51 GMT