MetaStudio: create and publish SharePoint customizations in clicks

A user-friendly tool for creating, deploying and sharing SharePoint web sites, applications and intranets.

Writing code is hard. Don't write code, use MetaStudio.

SharePoint offers a lot but still requires little touches to address your business needs. It takes a lot of time and effort to setup information architecture, correct fields and content types, taxonomy, lists, web sites and so on. Not only such customizations are error prone but they are also hard to manage and replicate between sites, farms and tenants.

MetaStudio provides a user-friendly interface to create, repeatedly deploy and manage SharePoint customization with no code required. Now SharePoint specialists have a solid, robust and easy way create and deploy information architecture, web sites, metadata and almost whole Intranets in a highly repeatable and portable way across sites, farms and tenant.

A few things people love about MetaStudio

Simple and friendly user interface

MetaStudio goes visual providing a user friendly interface for defining, authoring and deploying metadata for SharePoint.

It makes it easy to craft metadata models avoiding all disadvantages of declarative (XML) and imperative (C#) ways. No programming skills and custom code is required.

Rich forms and editing experience

MetaStudio provides rich forms for every single metadata artifact - webs, list, content type, fields and so on - you name it.

All forms enables required and optional propertied, auto-generation for IDs, user-friendly dropdowns for web templates, fields, content types and other artifacts.

Bulk editing, validation and integrity

Not only rich forms are provided for all artifacts but also a bulk editing makes it easy to add, edit or delete many artifacts in a few clicks.

MetaStudio also ensures metadata integrity: name and ID duplicate checks, incorrect property values, incorrect lookups and so on.

MetaStudio is easy to use: simple navigation and editing experience

MetaStudio makes you faster with bulk editing, tabs and contextual actions

Wait, MetaStudio can deploy to O365, SharePoint 2016 and 2013!

Built-in packaging and modularization

MetaStudio supports MetaPack using NuGet as a packaging and transport protocol. All projects can be published into NuGet Gallery.

Once published, your module can be deployed to SharePoint via MetaPack API, CLI and Desktop Package Manager. It makes the whole deployment process smooth and enjoyable.

Deploys to O365 / SP2016 / SP2013

MetaStudio natively supports deployment to SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016 and 2013 via CSOM API. Deployment is one-click-away.

Smooth deployment makes it extremely easy to craft and deploy metadata in almost real time. Change, deploy, see changes immediatly and repeat. Can not be more easy, seriously!

Extensibility and plugins, API first

MetaStudio aims to cover a wide set of scenarios connecting devs, IT-pros and business together. Extensibility API fully addressed that.

Both extensibility API and 3rd part plugins help to address your business scenarios, integrate and enhance your workflows, improve your processes across the board.

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updated: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 11:04:51 GMT