About Us

SubPoint Solution is a company based in Sydney that help SharePoint professionals be efficient. We built APIs, products and offer services that make the development on SharePoint platform less complex. Our foundation optimizes your development workflow bringing together devs, it-pros and business.

Who We Are

Back in 2013, a few consultans started working on SPMeta2 library to optimize the development workflow. It all started with a dream of a robust, solid and stable foundation so that we can build exciting software on top.

That was our mission ever since. We expanded out vision into M2 Ecosystem that is used and recognized by other companies all around the world.

We see modern SharePoint development as a challange and help other companies to address and successed provising a rock-solid foundation, production-ready tooling and professional services.

All our core foundation is open source and developed openly since 2013.

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updated: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 11:04:51 GMT