April 1, 2017 | SubPoint Support

As a company, SubPoint Solution spent several years building a technology stack to simplify custom SharePoint solutions development. With a strong customer focus, we were able to deliver an excellent developers' toolset which is used, trusted and recognized by more than a hundred companies all over the world. Today, we are happy to announce that a private investor acquires our company to boost its SharePoint Intranet solutions and management platforms. We will be joining forces enhancing technology stack, feature set, CI/CD pipelines aiming to deliver the best quality software while continuing working on the SPMeta2 ecosystem, MetaPack, MetaStudio and opening up some other internal tooling and suits.

What's coming next

We are still fully committed to the SPMeta2 ecosystem. In upcoming months, we are aiming to continue enhancing SPMeta2 incremental provision, support multi-threading, introduce parallel provision and add built-in model parameters support. SPMeta2 Reverse library will be giving a new look to support web parts and many other artifacts, SPMeta2 Specs is going to support MS Word and PDF formats while generating technical documentation over SPMeta2 models.

One of our new endeavors would be SPMeta2.Schema library. We'd like to introduce a highly standardized API to create SPMeta2 models from custom XML, JSON, and YAML syntax. Not only it will enable a better integration with 3rd part tools and applications but it will also help us support PnP models provisioned by the SPMeta2 library. This was something that many of our clients reported as a "nice to have feature" due to a high stability of the SPMeta2 library.

MetaPack packaging, deployment and delivery platform will be completed and released by mid-April with shiny MetaPack GUI client. You would be able to deliver and deploy custom SharePoint solutions offering a lovely end user experience like this:

Connect to solution galleries and SharePoint web site

Deploy custom solutions with clicks

Finally, we are finishing off a beta version of MetaStudio - a user-friendly tool for creating, deploying and sharing SharePoint web site templates, web sites, small applications, and intranets. With overall positive beta testers' feedback, we are moving forward and we'll be releasing it mid-May, 2017. You'll have a solid, robust and easy way to create and deploy information architecture, web sites, metadata and almost whole Intranets in a highly repeatable and portable way across sites, farms and SharePoint online tenant.

MetaStudio is easy to use: simple navigation and editing experience

MetaStudio makes you faster with bulk editing, tabs and contextual actions

MetaStudio aims to cover a wide set of scenarios connecting together developers, IT-pros and businesses. Extensibility API and 3rd part plugins help to address your business scenarios, integrate and enhance your workflows, improve your processes across the board.

Right time, exciting time!

We see this as a fantastic opportunity to a global expansion in both SharePoint and Office365 space. Your feedback is important to us so don't wait and join out Yammer Community, check out documentation or post your feedback or issues directly at GitHub.

Cheers, enjoy the rest of the day and don't forget to share this post!

updated: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 11:04:51 GMT