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M2 APIs ecosystem for SharePoint developers

Rock-solid APIs to speed up your custom SharePoint app development


Enterprise-ready framework for provisioning SharePoint artifacts. Works seamlessly with O365, SharePoint 2016, 2013 and 2010.

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SPMeta2 Reverse (beta)

A library to reverse engineer existing SharePoint sites into highly portable, reusable SPMeta2 models.

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SPMeta2 NuGet (beta)

Integrates SPMeta2 and NuGet Gallery enabling an easy packaging, versioning and deploying models from NuGet straight to SharePoint.

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SPMeta2 VS Extensions

Visual Studio extension that delivers useful snippets, project and item templates to bootstrap SPMeta2 based projects.

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SPMeta2 Spec (beta)

A library that generates nice looking technical documentation for provided SPMeta2 models.

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reSP for ReSharper

The only ReSharper plugin which understands SharePoint API helping to write SharePoint related code faster and better.

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Ready-to-use suites for busy SharePoint professionals

Simplified authoring, delivery, and management for SharePoint IA, customizations, and apps

MetaPack (beta)

A NuGet based package manager for packaging, versioning, deploying and updating SPMeta2 models via C# API, a CLI and GUI.

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MetaStudio (beta)

A GUI tool for easy creation, deploying and sharing SharePoint IA, site templates, customizations and small Intranet solutions.

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B2 Hub Suite

A GUI tool to manage reusable IA. Helps to synchronise fields and content types across site collections, farms, and tenants.

* more info is coming Q3 2016

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updated: Sat, 01 Apr 2017 11:04:51 GMT